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Always Be Unique


Gransa, the manufacturer of cosmetic products in the world class, has the highest quality in Iran. We always manage our business continuity, and we are committed to our social and ecological responsibilities. What guides our activities is not only the company's economic success, but also our active approach to environmental protection, job safety and our social commitment as a brand-name brand. Continuity is a continuous process that continuously brings us new goals, perspectives and new standards. The quality, the distinction, and the personality are the main pillars of the thinking of Gransa's sustainability. Our goal is to believe in your beauty and uniqueness.

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Be distinctive and your best


There is no clear and precise distinction between the distinction and the best, Gransa is both the best of its kind and the most distinctive. Best means focusing on quality and distinction, namely creativity. The distinction helps to reach the desired point and sustains your quality there.

Stay tuned to find authenticity


Shelf life is an undeniable part of success, and originality is trickyly tied to time. The necessity of being the best is a lasting quality in a long time. Quality in Granza will always be with you.


Gransa is credible and reliable.

OHSAS 18001

Safety Management and Occupational Health

ISO 9001

quality management system

Manufacturing license from the Ministry

Manufacturing license from the Ministry

ISO 14001

Environmental management

ISO 10002

Customer satisfaction system

ISO 10002

Customer satisfaction system


Online selling Gransa products

Based on collaboration with Internet sales systems, Gransa has created a variety of virtual stores that are the best destination for online shopping for Gransa products for you, dear consumers, in Iran. All consumers across the country can buy Gransa products online and get them easily. With various payment methods, Gransa provides online shopping at any time and place with simple terms.



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