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About Gransa


The Gransa brand owned by the World Brilliant Victory Village (DJPD) aims to produce cosmetic, skincare and hair care products of high quality ingredients and is currently based on the quality, distinction and superior performance of the products. It has been approved by all consumers. Close cooperation with experts and scholars in and around the country is one of the achievements of DjPD. The company's overseas activities are also increasing.



Attention to the audience is the basis of our work

In Gransa, we do whatever we do to challenge the situation.In order to satisfy the audience.We believe in the different thinking and satisfaction of our audience.We have created this challenge in the state of the art with the high quality, efficiency and design of the products that are easy to use.

The use of high quality raw materials

We believe in Greens never to be able to produce a good quality raw material.What affects the difference in the quality of grains is the high quality raw materials used to make its products, Gransa has always been using top quality raw materials from top European and American manufacturers, and has witnessed consumer satisfaction with the quality of its products The company.

Along with global standards

In the era of globalization, the presence at the level of companies and organizations of the world requires special competitive competences that differ from other levels, such as national, export, international and regional.Each of them has its own standards, values and expectations, and consequently, for the success of each level, one needs the ability to have that level. We are always working to bring the best to our audience in Gransa with the goal of reaching the highest standards of the world.

Mission statement


In Gransa, we are aiming for a highly specialized and systematic structural and specialized staff with advanced quality materials (produced in Europe), advanced formulation (by the efforts of specialists in the laboratories of Spain, Italy, Switzerland, France and Iran ) And the use of useful and useful plants, in addition to maintaining individual health, give natural beauty to all those who care about their beauty and well-being.